The new Scrubmaster B25

Experience cleaning perfection with Hako's new Scrubmaster B25!

Effortlessly achieve spotless results thanks to its adjustable handle, convenient tank access, and automatic disc ejection. From gas stations to schools, unleash exceptional cleaning prowess.

Elevate your standards with Scrubmaster B25.


Comfortable cleaning

Thanks to the compact design and the suction foot with collision protection, comfortable cleaning is guaranteed. Cleaning close to the edge is therefore a matter of course. The position of the suction foot enables optimal absorption of dirty water, which guarantees the best cleaning results.

High operator friendliness

Thanks to the Powerflow drive, you can work very effortlessly. With the automatic ejection and pick-up system, brushes can be changed quickly without tools. Numerous brushes and pads are available for the different applications.

Ergonomics is key

For comfortable working, it is important that the machines adapt to the needs of the operator and not vice versa. With the height-adjustable and foldable operating handle, the machines can be operated comfortably in almost all situations, for example when cleaning under tables in classrooms. For breaks or in situations where you need to organise something, the machine can easily be moved into the parking position.

Clean without being noticed

The Scrubmaster B 25 has a silencer mode. With low levels of soiling, the machine can be operated efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner with up to 20 % less power. This reduces energy consumption and noise emissions.

Aqua Control

Technical details

43 cm

Working width

60 cm

Suction foot width

1,700 m²/h

Theoretical area performance

4 km/h

Working speed


Cleaning system

25 l

Fresh/dirty water tank

24 V

Nominal voltage

0.77 kW

Total output

45 Ah GiV / 41 Ah Li-Ion

Battery capacity

98-120 cm

Length with suction foot

52/61 cm

Width without/with suction foot

84-110 cm

Total height

93/75 kg

Weight wet with battery (GiV/Li-Ion)


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